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Transcription Rates

In the last 5 years, we've transcribed more than 4,000 sermons, podcasts, conferences, and interviews. Our greatest strength is our ability to understand and meet the specific transcription needs of pastors and other Christian leaders in a way general transcription companies won't even attempt.

  • We understand you don't want a transcript that kind of says what you kind of meant.
  • You don't want a transcript that's just sort of accurate; you want one that's totally accurate...and readable.
  • You want a transcription service that understands it's not okay to just guess where punctuation goes, because incorrect punctuation can completely change your meaning.
  • And more than anything, you want a service that understands it's better to do it right up front than for you to have to go back and try to fix a mess after the fact.

See? We really do understand.

Take a look at all the services we offer; then give us a chance to impress you with our attention to every little detail and our passion to serve you in a way no other transcription company will.


The SermonScribe Difference

$3.59 per Recorded Audio Minute

10% Discount for Weekly Service
5% Discount for Bulk Orders

Transcripts Delivered in 4-5 Business Days*

Look up Bible verses to ensure the correct chapter and verse are used Yes
Look up the correct spelling of all names mentioned in your sermon Yes
Look up the correct spelling of Hebrew and Greek words in Strong's Concordance Yes
Look up quotes to ensure the correct author is credited Yes
Leave out uh's and um's, laughs and coughs Yes
Leave out false starts and stutters Yes
Correct grammar Yes
Recast sentences to make them read more smoothly Yes
Leave out comments unrelated to the sermon. Ex: "Hey Bill, I don't think my mike is on…" Yes
Delete crutch words and phrases (like Andy Stanley's infamous "Listen, listen…") Yes
Use the Christian Writer's Manual of Style as a style guide Yes
Make a custom template (or we'll use your template if you prefer) Yes
Single space or double space your transcripts Yes
Insert page numbers Yes
Number and italicize main points Yes
Keep paragraphs short and consistent in length so they're easier to read Yes
Format Bible verses in bold, bold and italics, and/or your choice of color Yes
Capitalize Trinity pronouns (if requested) Yes
Insert hyperlinks as needed Yes
Deliver transcripts in Microsoft Word and/or PDF formats Yes
Monthly invoicing for weekly service Yes
Payments can be made with PayPal or check Yes
5% discount for bulk orders (250+ audio minutes) Yes
10% discount for weekly service (100+ audio minutes per month) Yes
Unlimited transcript archival Yes
Set up a Dropbox folder for you to send/receive files Yes
Download your audio/video from your website so you don't have to send it Yes
Upload your transcripts to your website for you Yes

"Be to the world a sign that while we as Christians do not have all the answers, we do know and care about the questions." ~ Billy Graham



* does not apply to bulk orders