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Who We Serve: Church Webmasters

Add Value with Sermon Transcripts for Church Websites

A church website plays an important role in creating stronger connections between a church, its congregation, and the community at large. With clear, easy-to-read transcripts from SermonScribe you can add value to the websites you build or manage on behalf of church leaders by bringing in text-based transcripts of sermons, speakers, meetings, and podcasts.

Sermon Transcripts Make the Message More Accessible
People are busy and many find it easier to read a sermon than to listen to or watch it online. Visitors downloading a transcript can read at their own pace, create notes for later reference, enlarge text when needed, and share parts of it with family and friends.

At SermonScribe we don't just transcribe sermons; we also transcribe podcasts, meetings, conferences, interviews, and more as an additional way of making all the activities at your church a resource for your church and website.

A Wealth of Information:
Providing a text of sermons, announcements, podcasts, and other spoken events can enhance your website in many ways.

  • Text can be translated using online translation services such as Systran Translator, Yahoo Babel Fish, PROMT Translator and other similar services.
  • Text is keyword searchable.
  • Knowledge is archived and cataloged electronically for easier access.
  • Selections from text may be used for blogs and email blasts.
  • Text can be indexed by search engines, increasing traffic to your website.
  • Online Bible study guides can be easily created with transcripts.
  • Transcripts can be used for closed captioning of television broadcasts, web media, video-sharing sites, DVDs, and videos.

How Do I Send My Audio File?
We can accept audio in four ways. Choose the option that's best for you.

  • We can download audio directly from your website.
  • If your audio is a small file of 20 MB or less, you can email the files to us.
  • We can set up a free Dropbox folder for numerous or larger files.
  • You can mail cassettes, CDs, or DVDs to us.

Note: We also offer the option to upload the transcripts onto your website for you.

When it comes to sermon transcription, your choice of provider will determine the quality of the end product. Discover the SermonScribe difference and request a free trial to learn why SermonScribe is counted on by churches and ministries nationwide.

"Salt seasons, purifies, preserves. But somebody ought to remind us that salt also irritates. Real living Christianity rubs this world the wrong way." ~ Vance Havner